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F3 Wealth AssessmentTM

If you have $5M or more in investment assets, the F3 Wealth AssessmentTM is specifically designed to help you visualize the ideal life you wish to live. By understanding your core values, financial goals and quality of life desires across all life stages, we will design and implement hyper-personalized solutions to guide you towards that ideal future.

Long-term planning will only be successful when you have peace of mind and clarity around your financial capital and how it supports you. We meet regularly to review the progression of your Comprehensive Wealth Plan over time to ensure that the appropriate investment design and solutions are in place. This allows for the timely implementation of new solutions as needs arise from life changes, shifting market environments, or new opportunities.

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The DKE Consultative Process

The DKE Consultative Process

Comprehensive Wealth Counsel

We look beyond your investments toward all areas of expertise needed for you to achieve your goals. By coordinating these aspects, and the professionals who fulfill them, your Comprehensive Wealth Plan will be both efficient and effective. What's more, relieving you of the burden of managing these complex systems lets you reclaim precious time for higher-priority activities.

Comprehensive Wealth Formula

Your Personal Wealth Team

Beyond the design of your Comprehensive Wealth Plan, our firm's staff is deeply committed to providing exceptional, high-touch service in responding to your ongoing needs. Additionally, we employ a proactive service model that considers an exhaustive list of factors over the course of each year including Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Risk Management, Insurance Analysis & Reviews, Asset Protection, and other Financial Planning considerations above and beyond our financial asset management. We also subscribe to a fiduciary standard of care model and have implemented state-of-the-art security programs to ensure complete confidentiality and security of all client information.

Personal Wealth Team